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 I'm almost done reading the New Testament through as I started the book of Revelations this morning. I was reading in the second and third chapters about the churches. They were all promised something for overcoming their situations. Letters to each church end with the phrase, to him who overcomes. Each church was facing difficult circumstances, including persecution, temptation, false teachers, and all sorts of other things. Yet promises were made to those who would overcome their circumstances.

As I was meditating on this and getting around this morning, I realized that as caregivers, we are overcoming, too. It may not always look or feel like it, right? But here we are in one of the most difficult seasons a person can face - still pursuing His heart. That, my friend, is overcoming. 

Overcoming doesn't mean we never cry again, stress out again, or get all worked up with worry again. It really means that no matter how difficult, complex, confusing, or weird things get - we're still reaching for Him. Our hearts remain pointed in His general direction - even if we're doing it mad as a hornet, upset as we can be, tired and exhausted, to the point of giving up, or with tears in our eyes - we're still overcoming when we reach for Him.

The fact that we are still seeking Him, holding on to Him (even out of desperation) makes us an overcomer. We don't have to feel any certain way or carry around a blood-stained sword, lol. We are overcoming day by day because of our constant pursuit of Him and by realizing our soul-deep need for Him.

Today, no matter what happens (and you know - something will happen!), I will remind myself that I am a warrior and an overcomer. My meditation will be on the truth that God is still with me, and I am still chasing after Him. Any obstacle I face today, I'll use it to remind me of all the "stuff" He's already brought me through. That's why this overcomer can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me too, overcomer?


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