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 In all my devotions, here and on Facebook Live, I've talked a lot about declarations. We find them throughout the Psalms, in particular. They made declarations like, I will praise the Lord. My soul will boast in God. I will sing to the Lord. I think that is one way that David encouraged himself in the Lord. He made a declaration of what role he was going to play in his situation. That meant trusting God, praising God, and waiting on Him.

But this morning, I found a different type of declaration in Psalm 66. In verse 16, the psalmist said, I will declare what He has done for my soul. This is on the heels of the psalmist listing things God had done for him. He said God has brought him through the fire and through the flood. The psalmist also said that God had tested him and refined them like silver. I was thinking maybe they were a caregiver, too. Lol.

I took some time to read and reread this psalm early this morning. I think it helped me pause and look back on all the things God has brought me through. Of course, it was just this last weekend when I felt it was the right time to write my story about the time God healed me. It's a short read but powerful. It's called The Year Orange Juice Saved My Life. There was something cathartic about getting it all out in story form. It was also a way for me to declare what God did for my soul and how I learned to anchor my heart to His word just to survive.

This all became so significant as I abruptly transitioned into caregiving mode. I encourage you today to take a minute or two and think back about how God has brought you through. Think about the floods and fires He was been with you through - and now here you are on the other side. Remind yourself that He can do it again! And He will.

Today, I'll spend time reflecting on my life and all those times I know God rescued my soul. My thoughts will be on how He healed me, snatched me from death's door more than once, and the times I know He walked through the fire and swam through the floods with me. I'll remind myself that He has never walked away, abandoned, or forsaken me. And He's not going to start doing that today, so I will trust Him for today. Will you join me?


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Bookcover of Affirmations for Caregivers

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