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 I really don't know how to dance. What I do, though, is probably not called "dancing." Lol. Lately, I've learned that moving to a good-sounding song from the 60s or 70s can provide a lot of stress release. Probably because I laugh so hard at my silly self - or the way Chris looks at me while I'm trying to dance. Lol. It's still fun. It's still a great way to naturally release energy and stress, so pull the blinds, crank up the stereo or Bluetooth speakers, and go for it! You're welcome! 

Being able to express our stress is important for our physical and mental stress, and dancing is just one option. The good thing about it is I don't have to find a sitter, pay a sitter, or go anywhere in inclement weather. I can enjoy a good time and a great laugh right here in my living room where no one can see me.

As I was thinking about my dance therapy discoveries of late, I thought about the dance of caregiving. No one really officially invited us to the dance. Most of us walked into it naturally. Some by choice. Others feel forced into it. No matter how you started the caregiver dance, though, you have the best dancing partner one could hope for. Why? (I'm so glad you asked!

He's never out of step, never off beat. He leads gently in a way that makes you want to follow. He even covers our missed steps and mistakes should we make one. He covers us so well that others won't even see the mistake we made. He even knows the steps to any dance we may choose today - even the ones we feel forced to do. If we fall on life's dance floor, He picks us up and quickly adjusts the routine or timing as needed. When we don't feel like participating, He is a gentleman and waits for our slightest cue before He acts. He wants to dance the dance with us. We need Him to dance the caregiving dance with us. 

I'm so glad that God is with us in our crazy, lively dances, and He's also with us in the gentle, calm moves. He gives us energy and comfort in equal measure as needed. Actually, God is whatever we need right here, right now - no matter what our here or now looks like. He's an always present dancing partner, no matter how crazy the dance.

Today, I'll be thankful that God chooses to participate in our day to days. He is great at slow dancing, and He's awesome at lively dances, too. My meditation will be on how He adjusts to my day, even though He is the One who made the day. The always willing partner who just wants to make us look good. That's our loving God. Welcome to the caregiving dance where our ever-present dancing partner is leading the whole party! He dances. He carries. He covers. Man, is He a good God! I think I will trust Him to lead today's dance. Will you join me?


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Bookcover of Affirmations for Caregivers

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