Every Battle

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 As I was reading the passage in Ephesians 6 about the armor of God this morning, a couple of phrases stood out to me. In verse 13, Paul explains the armor is needed so that after the battle, we'll still be standing strong. The second phrase is in verse 16. Paul reminds the Christians that they will need faith in every battle. These two phrases let us know that battles (plural) are promised.

Paul didn't say if we have faith, we can avoid the battle. He didn't even indicate in any way that having faith made the battles easier, faster, or smoother. As caregivers, every day can be a series of battles. Sometimes, it feels like we are simply fighting for our sanity or trying to keep ourselves together emotionally, physically, spiritually... But let me point out the obvious. We are still standing. We are still seeking God. We are still looking for guidance, comfort, and help in the scriptures. Are we not? 

That's a win. The fact that we have not yet just given up or thrown in the towel, even if we feel like it almost every single day, is a huge victory!

Most nights, as I reflect on the day's caregiving journey, I feel like a failure. I feel like there were "so many" things left undone, skipped, or ignored just to get through the day. I hope you don't know what I mean, but I have an idea you are at least vaguely familiar. There are some real victories in those moments, though. 

For one, I've learned to talk to myself differently. As soon as my thoughts start traveling down the I'm such a failure road, I start listing all the things I did get done that day. But better than that, when I get up in the morning, my first thoughts are prayers for guidance, strength, and power to finish the day in faith. That's still seeking...and that's winning battles one at a time. It must be very frustrating for the enemy of our souls to see us work so hard to pursue God, take hold of Him, and tighten our grip on His grace with each caregiving day. He really wants us to give up - be we have not. We will not! Because we will keep winning every battle through faith in Him.

Today, I will encourage myself by reminding myself that I'm still trusting Him! My meditations will be on how my spirit is victorious through Christ, and absolutely nothing and no enemy can erase that or make it go away. I'll turn my thoughts to how God continues to be my help, my comfort, and the keeper of my soul - and He's not out looking for another job! I'll remind myself that He is always right here. Always in my now, and that He will fight the battle for my soul today - and He cannot lose. So, I will trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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