In the Womb of Time

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 I love reading the Bible. There's no doubt about that. It's been my habit since I was about 13, and I decided I needed to know what I believed. I had started going to a denomination different from the one I was raised in, and I didn't want to spend my time saying this person or that person, or my mama says this or that. I needed to know what God said for myself. So, at the tender age of 13, I began reading on my own. What a journey of discovery it's been!

One thing I love about reading the Word is how things I know I had to have read before jump off the page and become a brand-new discovery. That happened to me this morning. I was reading Psalm 119, and when I got to verse 73, it grabbed my attention and almost took my breath away. I did my Facebook Live devotion (Peace Out!) on the second part of the verse. But I want to talk about the first part right now.

In the New Living Translation, verse 73 states You made me; You created me. Now give me the sense to follow your commands. My mind camped on the first two phrases. It took me a few minutes to let it soak in that God planned me. He placed me right where He wanted me in the womb of time, and I was born right on time - according to His plan. He wanted me in time. He planned my entrance from the womb of time into actual time before He said, "Let there be light!" Does that not just blow your mind?

When He looked down through the annals of time, He saw us right here, right now. Maybe He even smiled because He knew we were coming through the storms of life still trusting Him. Still running to Him. Still needing Him. 

Today, my meditations will be on how God planned and placed me in time. I'll turn my thoughts to how He purposed for me and you to be right here, right now. He didn't haphazardly toss us out like dice to see where we would land. He had purpose and intention. And part of His plan was to be with us wherever He put us in time. I'll let my mind be blown as my heart draws near to this intentional, purposeful God who decided for me to be. He made all the days - I can trust Him for this one. Will you join me?


The Last Video Posted Today!

Bookcover of Affirmations for Caregivers
I have created a video series on my  YouTube channel. It goes over the affirmation each morning. The videos are only a couple of minutes long, and the first one was downloaded this morning! You can get the Affirmations for Caregivers book in several places. You can download it and have the eBook right now from my bookstore. It's also now available on Kindle or in print from Amazon

There is a video for each affirmation. Here is today's video.

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