My Man, Gideon

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Most of us have no doubt that God is with us, although our minds can come up with lots of questions sometimes. We discussed Psalm 23 yesterday, where David mentioned his realization that God was with him. We've also talked about Isaiah 43 quite a bit, where God reminds us that no matter what we go through - He is with us. And a favorite caregiver life-giving verse, one I've held onto for life, is Psalm 46, that reminds us that God is very present in the middle of our struggles. Actually, later in Psalm 46, the psalmist states two times that God is with them. I think we can reach a general consensus that God is indeed with us.

Thinking about these verses, though, brought to mind Gideon. His people were being oppressed by the Midianites, who kept stealing their livelihood. Before they could reap and process their wheat it was being stolen out from under them. Gideon, on this night in chapter 6 of Judges, is hiding and threshing out the wheat. Many think he was hiding because he was afraid. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I have always thought he was tenaciously protecting what was his. It was his way of silently telling the Midianites that they would not be getting his wheat this time!

The angel appeared to Gideon and called him a "mighty man of valor." He didn't call him a fraidy cat. The angel didn't even say, "Don't be afraid." Off the top of my head, I can't think of an instance in scripture when an angel appeared and didn't say, "Don't be afraid." But he didn't say it to Gideon! I'm guessing there was no fear in Gideon. He was probably mostly mad. Lol. I have to admit that there are a few days when getting mad has carried me through. :-)

Then Gideon had the audacity to ask, "Where is God? Why is all this happening?" I'll be the first to admit I've had the same questions and a lot more of them. The angel did not condemn Gideon's questions. He actually told him that the question was his strength. Why? I think it's because Gideon was looking for God. His heart was turned toward God in a difficult time. And God met him there. God will meet us too.

God was with Gideon. God is with us. He will not leave us stranded. He reaches out to touch even the tiniest trust we have in our hearts. He saw Gideon giving it all he had to not be overcome by his enemies. God sees us too. 

I call it the "W" factor. God is with us. He ain't going nowhere either!

Today, I'll remind myself that God sees me and is with me. Whether I'm on the mountain top today and everything is running as smoothly as caregiving can, or I'm trying to figure out why I'm in the middle of the storm in a boat out to sea, and I'm not seeing Jesus walking my way, He is with me. I will also remind myself that it's not a sin to ask questions. God won't kick me out because I ask Him where He went - even though I know He really is right here. My meditations will be on the times I know He's helped me before. I'll turn my thoughts to every victory I know He's given me before and I'll make them my meditations today. I may be threshing out wheat in the middle of the night - but God is here with me. I can trust Him for one more day! Will you join me?


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