The Rescue

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 In Exodus 20, right before God begins to give the 10 commandments, He reminds the Children of Israel that He was the God who rescued them from Egypt's slavery. They are not far into what is going to be a very long journey, but He's reminding them that they were worth the rescue. He's reminding them that He's their God, and He's going to remain with them. They have no idea about the journey ahead. Of course, they had to have some idea of how difficult it was going to be to move a mass of people across the wilderness to the Promised Land, but they didn't know what all it would entail.

We know now that caregiving is hard, and maybe some of us had some sort of idea about it when we first started on our caregiving journeys. But we didn't know all those little details, did we? We could only imagine there'd be some sleepless nights, long hard days, and crazy situations we'd find ourselves in over and over again. Now that we are years into our caregiving journey, we still don't know what a day may bring. But we can comfort ourselves with the reminder that God is in it with us.

Now, we can let our minds wander back through the years and remember all those times He rescued our souls. Our thoughts can walk through all the times we knew He was with us, right in the middle of the mess. We can think about those times we felt like our souls were sitting in the dark, in a boat, in the middle of the storm - and how He walked right out to us on life's troubled sea and brought peace.

This same God who reminded the Children of Israel that He came for them - is walking through today with us. Doesn't that just blow your mind? The same God who walked through the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew children, sat all night with Daniel in the lion's den, and walked Paul and Silas out of the prison cell, is walking through this day - with us. I'm so thankful for His gentle reminders that He will remain with us no matter what.

Today, I'll remind myself that the God who parted the Red Sea and dried the ground for His children to walk through - then drowned all of Pharoah's army in the same sea behind them - is walking through today with me. My meditations will be on how He has not abandoned my soul, and He's not going anywhere. I'll think about how He makes a way through seas, deserts, and the wilderness, whether I can see them yet or not. I know He's got my soul in His sight and in His heart today. So, I will trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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