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I'm starting to think that caregiving days are to be organized around disruptions. I'm a planner and an organizer, but I do try to remain flexible inside the "plan." Sometimes, I don't have much notice at all about a doctor or nurse dropping by for a visit. Most of the time, they call ahead, but since I started taking Chris to the 34P two days a week and have a respite aide two other days of the week, it has gotten a bit hectic. It hardly ever fails that I carve out a couple of hours to work on a project; whether it's one of my books or a job for a client, there will be disruptions. Smh.

I suppose it's just part of the caregiving package. Here's the good thing, though, disruptions don't disrupt God or His plan. Now, that's some good news because when it comes to Him working on my behalf, I can be His greatest disruption, or at least that is how it feels sometimes. Good thing He isn't thrown off by them.

In my FaceBook Live devotion this morning, I talked about God's plan. What we may see and perceive as a disruption doesn't move God one iota. (I'll share the video below.) Jonah's direct disobedience could be seen as a disruption. However, God was way ahead of the game. In Jonah 1:17, it says the Lord had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah. God had already planned for the prophet's disobedience, it didn't throw Him off at all when Jonah went the opposite direction.

For me, this is comforting. Why? Because He already planned to walk with me through caregiving. God's plan incorporates all of life's disruptions, caregiving-related or not. Nothing throws Him off of His plan and that is to be with us, give us hope (that's a big one, right?), and to give us a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) Before He said, "Let there be light" He had already planned to walk through time with us. Nothing can disrupt that plan. Disobedience, weakness, sorrow, sadness, doubt, or caregiving can't change His plan or His heart to be with us in time. I love that about God.

Today, in the middle of the disruptions, I'll remind myself that God's right here with me - because He wants to be. My meditations will be on how He doesn't change His mind when caregiving begins. I'll think about how even in my despair, my deepest, darkest emotional states, the back of the cave, or the best days ever, He chooses to be in them. I will trust that He is with me today too. Will you join me?


Book of the Week!

Cover of 31 Days in Psalm 31

The book of the week for this week is 31 Days in Psalm 31. I found myself returning to that Psalm over and over. It brought so much encouragement and I found so many scriptures that were meditation-worthy, I decided it was a good topic. David wrote this psalm while in a cave hiding from Saul. Since much of my caregiving life feels like it's lived in a cave (we talk about the caregiver's cave a lot!), it seemed appropriate. You can get a Kindle or print version in my Amazon bookstore. Or you can download an eBook from my DFM bookstore.

Today's Facebook Live Devotion

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