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 Do you ever just get tired? Lately, I've been the kind of tiredness that goes way beyond the physical tiredness. I'm soul tired, from the inside out and the outside in. I don't feel like doing anything. Of course, that cannot happen because we are caregivers. We can't just decide to take a day off. Shoot. We can't even just take an hour or a minute off some days. The good thing is that I have built a few strategies for myself that help out a little bit when I am overloaded. Before I head down that dark spiral that my soul is trying to pursue, I can stop it by doing a few things.

Sometimes, I just stop and watch a movie. That helps me get outside my own head for a few minutes. It may sound silly, but sometimes, it gives my brain just enough of a break to help. I also try to get up and move. Cleaning and organizing can be helpful for redirecting my energy outward. It also has some lasting benefits for at least a few days. Lol. I can either walk on my treadmill or ride my cheapo stationary bike for some helpful exercise. Increasing circulation can help improve your mood and actually release endorphins. But when those strategies don't work, or it's already too late - then what?

This morning I was just feeling tired through and through. It started yesterday, actually. I watched a movie last night and enjoyed it - but now I am behind on work. Lol. No worries, that's just how I pay the bills, right? Lol. I made my coffee and opened my Bible, as my custom has been most of my adult life. A few things sparked my interest in Deuteronomy, believe it or not. So, I did a little studying and wrote down a few notes. Then a verse spoke of Abraham's promise. That sent me to Galatians, where I knew it said we are also his seed and fruit of his faith. 

Ultimately, I found the perfect verse for today. It's in Galatians 6:9. In the NLT, it says this: So, don't get tired of doing what is good. Don't get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessings at the appropriate time. This verse grabbed me and encouraged me this morning. I started thinking about all the other don't-give-uppers in the Bible. Just a few:

  • Moses, who had an identity crisis - am I Egyptian or am I an Israelite?
  • Joseph, who was betrayed and sold into slavery by his own brothers.
  • Paul and Silas, who were in jail, but not for breaking the law.
  • Daniel, who was a captive all his life.
Thinking about these Bible heroes reminded me that I was in good company. They all had many reasons to give up and waste away. And no one would have blamed them, right? If they can hold on and continue to trust God, surely I can too.

Today, I will encourage myself with the stories of the things they walked through with their faith intact. 
My declaration will be that I will continue to trust God no matter what I see, feel, or experience. I've trusted Him this far, right? I think I can trust Him for just one more day. Will you join me?


Book of the Week!

Cover of my book "The Year Orange Juice Saved My Life"

The book of the week for this week is  The Year Orange Juice Saved my Life. It's the story of the year I was very sick with a mystery illness. It was a rough road, but God carried me through that time, and I just started getting better one day. The only explanation is my testimony of how He healed me. You can read this moving and encouraging story on Kindle. You can also download the eBook from my DFM bookstore.

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