On the Other Side


Chris in his standing frame - giving me "the look"

Caregiving is not easy, no matter what the situation we are in. As caregivers, we deal with so many layers of emotions. We also have a wide variety of circumstances and responsibilities that make up our days. Each day is oddly the same and very different at the same time. It can certainly keep us on edge! I'm pretty sure that wasn't the edge Aerosmith was singing about when he sang Living on the Edge. Lol. But it sure seems like we can find ourselves there over and over again. (Maybe it's just me?)

No matter what the specifics of our unique caregiving circumstances, on the other side, is a testimony. When my son was injured in that car accident over 15 years ago, I couldn't even imagine the future. Those initial 4+ months in the hospital were dark days. But now they have become my testimony of how God's grace carries us through those cave-like experiences life can put us in.

In Psalm 77, Asaph is evidently going through a very difficult time. He is crying out in the first part of the psalm and asking if God can still hear him, why it seems like God is not helping, and wondering if God sees his trouble. He was searching for God, just like we search for Him during our caregiving days. I do not know what Asaph was going through, but it seemed to be dark and troubling. 

Asaph expresses his emotions and asks his questions (yes, that is allowed!!!). Then in verse 11, Asaph decides that since he cannot see God doing anything in his present - he'll draw from his past. He begins to remind himself of all God has already done. I wonder if this is how David "encouraged himself" in the Lord, too?

No matter what we are walking through today, it will soon be our testimony. We'll be able to look back on it and see how God brought us through - even if we can't see anything from here.

Today, I will spend some time thinking about this amazing caregiving journey. My thoughts will be on how God has been with me all along, and I've never spent half a second without Him near me. I'll encourage my own heart with stories of how He showed up and showed out on my behalf in days gone by. I'll rejoice that today will just be another day that He carries me through. Will you join me?


Book of the Week!

Cover of the 1 John Bible Study guide

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  1. You speak to my heart which grows weary from time to time. I love your devotions.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I'm sorry that weariness is such a huge part of the caregiving journey. I'm thankful we know the God who carries. Prayers for you today, my friend. Again, thanks for reading.




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