The "With" Factor

Chris and Eli having a moment

 I started reading the Bible through in January, and I've made it to near the end of Leviticus. It's not generally the most exciting book, but there are lots of chunks of meat to chew on scattered throughout. One thing that I've been thinking about as I read through Leviticus is the effort God put into it. The book basically records the discourse between God and Moses. God is taking the time to explain all the Tabernacle proceedings, including the various types of offerings, priestly responsibilities, and so much more. It kind of blows my mind that He shares all these little details.

There are also a few recurring topics I have picked up on. For example, God reminds the Children of Israel that He is holy, that He is the Lord, and He is the One who makes them holy. God also reminds them that it was His power (His right arm of strength) that brought them out of bondage in Egypt. But He also keeps reminding them that He is with them. That's what I needed to hear today.

You know, the Children of Israel were a motley crew, rebellious, stubborn, and they could be difficult to work with. They were quick to create an idol if they thought God wasn't close enough or paying enough attention to them. For the large part, they acted like spoiled little bratty children. Lol. Yet God never left them.

I can draw some comfort from this because it reminds me that He won't pack up and leave when I act all foolish, either! These things were running through my mind as I was writing in my journal the other morning. This poem kind of just popped out.

Lord, my day is going to be busy

It's going to be overwhelming at best

Help me remember that You are with me

That Your mercy is woven into my every breath

As I focus on the tasks I see

Remind me that You are with me with each step

Please give me the ability 

To see You working in all this mess...

Today, I will remind myself of the "with" factor. God's not just dragging my backside through a wilderness - He's gone before me, will bring up the rear, and will be present with me for each step. I'll be thankful that God isn't fickle and He doesn't move away at signs of trouble, distress, or hopelessness. He remains with. I know He is in my today, so I will trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


Book of the Week!

Cover of 31 Days in Psalm 31

The book of the week for this week is 31 Days in Psalm 31. I found myself returning to that Psalm over and over. It brought so much encouragement and I found so many scriptures that were meditation-worthy, I decided it was a good topic. David wrote this psalm while in a cave hiding from Saul. Since much of my caregiving life feels like it's lived in a cave (we talk about the caregiver's cave a lot!), it seemed appropriate. You can get a Kindle or print version in my Amazon bookstore. Or you can download an eBook from my DFM bookstore.

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