Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Chris at the pickle ball courts in our complex

 Caregiving days can often seem a bit like the classic movie hit Groundhog Day. Honestly, I've never watched the whole movie, but I get the idea that the star lived the same day over and over again. I think caregiving can seem that way sometimes. We get up each morning and start doing the same tasks that we finished yesterday. But at the same time, it can go crazy. Doctor visits, home health nurses, and even respite care can interrupt our "schedules." No matter how many interruptions we have to work through, welcomed or not, there are so many caregiving tasks that are must-dos, period.

Sometimes, I look back and wonder how I've got as much done as I did, but still, I feel that so much is left undone. It's a vicious cycle, at best. 

The good thing is that no matter how hectic our days are or how mundane they seem - God walks them with us. There's no dispute that caregiving is hard work. But while we are washing, rinsing, and repeating our daily tasks, there are some spiritual applications that need to be washed, rinsed, and repeated, too.

Anxieties come. Problems develop. Situations get sticky. Need I go on? I think you get the point! Lol! The key is to put our minds and hearts on autopilot, too. How does that work? As soon as a situation arises, prayer should kick in. Anxiety rares its ugly head? Give it to God. If we can figure out how to put our prayer life and trusting God with everything on a wash, rinse, repeat cycle - we can close the gap between when things go south and His peace reigns again in our hearts and minds.

Today, I am going to task myself with shortening the distance between the crazy caregiving stuff and giving it to God in prayer. Before I let my head run off with crazy scenarios over something that does or doesn't happen, I'll turn it into a prayer and hand it off to God. My meditations will be on how He is always right here - waiting for me to wait on Him. And today, I plan on closing the gap between my fears and His hope, between my doubts and His mercy, and between my anxiety and His peace. I will trust Him for one more day, will you join me?


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