Bad Jugglers

chris and I at the park

 Do you ever feel like your days are filled with heroic juggling acts? I do. Then there are days that the juggling isn't so heroic. Actually, that's most days because it seems I'm always backed into a corner trying to figure out the must-dos and what can waits. Maybe I'm just a bad juggler. Lol. There are so many things for a caregiver to do each day. Things do have to be prioritized. And if you, like me, are trying to juggle caregiving, work, and ministry, well, some days just don't end well. Or at least I end them feeling like a huge failure.

One thing I have learned is to shift my focus from the things I chose to leave undone to the things I did accomplish in a day. It ended up being a big help for my mental health. I can spend my evening in the mully-grubs, thinking about the list of items I did not finish. Or, I can change the narrative and begin to list all the things I did get done that day. Our days are filled with shifting moments, aren't they? We have to think on our feet and eliminate some things to ensure our loved ones get the care they deserve and need. It comes down to being flexible and willing to make adjustments on the fly.

This weekend, I read the book of Ruth. Now, these three ladies went through some stuff. They made huge adjustments, and the book is only four chapters long! Naomi was widowed, and then her two sons died, leaving Ruth and Orpah widowed. I can't imagine the grief Naomi dealt with because of all her loss. She even asked to not be called "Naomi" since it means delightful. She chose instead to be called "Mara" because it means bitterness. Surely life dealt her a bitter hand.

But Naomi didn't stop and wallow in her pain. In fact, it seems she became anything but bitter. She began to encourage Ruth. Now Ruth was a Moabite, unaccustomed to the Hebrew customs. Naomi stepped up to the plate for Ruth and walked her through her situation so that she was covered and redeemed by Boaz according to the Jewish custom. Instead of becoming bitter, Naomi helped Ruth become better. She was able to juggle her own emotions and show up for someone else's benefit.

We juggle so many things, from finances to relationships, caregiving tasks to work, and housekeeping to personal care. What we choose says a lot about us! I want to be like Naomi who chose to help another up even in her own pain. I also want to be like Ruth, who made the hard choice of leaving her comfort and family behind to embrace a whole new world. Ultimately, I want to juggle everything in my life so that God is supreme.

Today, I will embrace the fact that there are lots of things to juggle. While I sort through each task's importance, I'll make sure God lands on top. My relationship with Him is not up to being juggled; it's a given. It's solid, and it's what carries me through juggling and sorting all the other parts of my day. I'll remind myself that I don't have to juggle grace, mercy, truth, and peace. I get them all, and no exchanges are needed. I can trust Him to lead me in my juggling. He'll let me know what to let go of and what is needed every moment of today. I can trust Him with today. I will trust Him with today. Will you join me?


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