Beyond Reach

Chris giving me "the look"

 In 2 Samuel 22 verse 49, David says, God held me safe beyond the reach of my enemies; you save me from violent opponents. (NLT) This verse grabbed my attention this morning, and I've been thinking about it. Now, fortunately, we don't often fight physical enemies like David did. But today, we don't have to be up against physical people to be valiant warriors. I dare say that any caregiver is a warrior.

We may not fight physically, but our enemies and opponents can definitely launch violent attacks against our souls! Maybe we aren't facing a man holding a sword, but we do face many enemies on many fronts daily as caregivers. For some, it's a financial enemy. Perhaps for others is it physical illness or weakness in their own bodies. Sometimes, it is pure old doubt or fear that tries to wreak havoc in our minds and hearts. There's no doubt that there is a battle, many battles, and they are daily. The good news is that God keeps us just out of the reach of their destructive forces.

I imagine myself standing on a ledge and God's hand wrapped around me from behind, keeping me from falling off into the chasm below. As caregivers, we usually live on the edge, but not the one Aerosmith was talking about. Lol. Our day can go any direction on a dime, whether we are ready or not. Fear. Doubt. Hopelessness. Confusion. Are just a breath away. But God. He is our stabilizer. He is the only reason we haven't caved in and we are still running this race of faith, right?

Today, I will imagine God holding me for as long as it takes. I'll remind myself that He is the keeper of my soul and that He will not leave me. My meditation will be on His nearness and I'll rejoice that He will not pack up and leave when the going gets tough or tougher. He'll always keep a separation between my heart and total destruction. He will keep me today! I will trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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