Distracted? Drivers?


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Yesterday, I thought a lot about distractions. I was thinking about some of our Bible heroes and how they got distracted from what God had said. First, I thought about Samson. He was totally distracted by Delilah. The important part of that story is that God still fulfilled the promise He had given about Samson. The distraction didn't change God's mind about using Samson.

In 1 Kings 13, a young prophet was given precise instructions from the Lord. He let an older prophet distract him from what God had said. It ultimately cost the young prophet his life. A simple distraction.

There can be many distractions in our lives, and caregiving can hold our attention and efforts, for sure. But what if we turned the distractions, even those that come with caregiving, into drivers? What do I mean? I think I mean that it's so easy to get distracted by our day-to-days, but we can use those distractions, and caregiving in particular, as drivers. A driver is the total opposite of a distraction. 

Distractions try to direct our attention to a multitude of other things. Drivers propel us right to the heart of God. I think over the years, caregiving has become more of a driver than a distraction. Even though there've been times when I was upset or downright mad at God, I always end back up in His lap. I'm starting to wonder if every situation - good, bad, or indifferent - becomes a distractor or a driver.

One thing I'm sure of is that caregiving and the related pressures, stresses, and responsibilities definitely drive me to the heart of God and back to His word. That's a good thing. Whether today is a "dark night of the soul" day or it's bright and cheery, God's got us covered. That's where I want to keep my focus. I refuse to let distractions draw my attention away to other things.

Today, I will cling to Him. I'll try to remember to run to Him before the day gets too busy or I get too burdened down to hear His gentle voice. I will lean in and listen for His heart, which is beating for me (and for you). Nothing is going to distract me from His heart today. In fact, anything that does come, I will turn it into a driver that carries me right back to Him! Will you join me?


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  1. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that gets “mad at God” Thats kinda where I am right now. I need Him to give us one little break!

    1. I'm so sorry you are in this kind of place. I'm way too familiar with it! I learned years ago that it was okay to express our emotions, including anger, to God. He's big enough to handle it and it's not like He doesn't know anyway. Lol. I saw in scriptures, like Psalm 13 how the psalmist expressed their emotions. That freed me up to talk freely with God about anything and everything! Thanks for reading!



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