The King's Court

Chris wearing his Dale Earnhardt shirt.

 I was listening to some new releases this morning from Zach Williams and Nicole C. Mullen. Over the years, I've written some songs. I'm not a great singer and definitely just get by as a musician. As I listened to these two outstanding artists, I had the thought that I'd never write a song the world would sing. I'm okay with that. But immediately following that thought was another one. It was how I will always have a place in the King's court. I sing for the One who matters. I'm quite okay with that too!

Thoughts of my seemingly broken life ran through my head. Not one second of my life was missed by God, including caregiving. No matter what happens or doesn't happen in life, we still have a place in His courts. My mind went to Mephibosheth. He was Saul's grandson and lived a large portion of his life in hiding and in fear. But David sought him out and gave him his rightful place in the king's court. (2 Samuel 9)

Mephibosheth had a caregiver. When the battle heated up, his nurse was carrying him and running away for safety, and she tripped and fell. His feet were injured in the fall, and he could not walk. We are caring for our loved ones because, for whatever reason, they cannot totally care for themselves. But we are all invited to the King's table and we all have a place in His court, both the caregiver and the caregivee are welcomed in His house.

I love that about God because the caregiver soon finds out that they are not always welcomed in every setting. Sadly, it's often even in a church setting. Ask me how I know! Lol. But God never turns us away. He doesn't say we are not worth it. He won't look the other way and ignore us. He opens up His courts, His table, and His arms to welcome us in. I needed to be reminded of that today.

So, today, I will meditate on how God welcomes us and our loved ones with open arms. It doesn't matter to Him if they can't walk, talk, or perform daily tasks. He loves us, and He loves them. We are all welcomed in His house. As a matter of fact, we are invited. My thoughts will be on His grace, His mercy, and His love for me and my loved one today. I'll let thanksgiving take over my thoughts because He sees past the situations to the persons inside, and He still chooses to hang around. I think I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me? 


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  1. I will. I love your devotions. I want to be lke you when I grow up. I’m only 84!

    1. Haha! Well, thanks for the compliment. I still have a ways to go! Thanks so much for reading!



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