Fingerprints on the Soul


Eli pushing Chris in his chair

As I was typing the closing to yesterday's devotion, I penned a phrase about how God leaves fingerprints on our souls. It literally went across my screen and grabbed my attention. I'd not thought of it before, but it became my meditation throughout the whole day yesterday. I began to go through several stories in the Bible where people were changed through an encounter with God - even though their situations didn't change.

I started with Hannah. In I Samuel, she was grieving over not being able to have children. She poured out her broken heart before God. It must have been a heart-wrenching scene, because Eli, the high priest at the time, thought she was drunk. She explained to him that she wasn't drunk, but that her heart was broken and she needed God to answer. 

Now get this. God did not answer immediately. Later, once they returned home to their routine, Hannah would become pregnant as she had requested that day. But in that moment, nothing changed. There was absolutely no sign God had answered. But her countenance changed and was no longer sad. (v. 18) God had touched her soul, even though she didn't yet have her answer.

I also thought about Hagar. In Genesis 16, Sarai and Hagar were at odds. Two women in one house - imagine that. Lol. Hagar was not totally innocent in the situation. The problems between the two of them elevated to the point that Hagar left. Remember, she's pregnant on top of all of the things going on. God found Hagar. Not only did nothing change, but God told her to go back. She was given a word for the baby she was carrying in her womb. Even though nothing changed, God had left His fingerprints on her soul. It made all the difference in the world.

As caregivers, our circumstances don't change. But there are those times when God touches our souls and peace reigns again. There are times when we become content in knowing that He is walking with us on the challenging journey of caring for another person. Just to know He hears us. To know He sees us. And to know that He chooses to walk with us makes a huge difference in our lives.

Today, I will be thankful that God is still walking with me on this caregiving journey. I'll remind myself that He is not going to pack up and leave today, or any day. I know He is touching my soul with His peace, His love, His mercy, and His grace. And I know He's leaving His fingerprints on my soul. I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?

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