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I love social media most of the time. It has some benefits as well as some disadvantages. One thing I enjoy is being able to connect with friends and family. I also like meeting new friends. I use social media pretty much every day. In the mornings, I do a Facebook Live devotional called Peace Out! I started it during the pandemic, and there hasn't seemed like there was a good place to stop since we all still need to peace out. 

The other ones I don't use as much. I do have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account. I also just recently started a TikTok channel. I mostly used it to post shorts taken from my morning FaceBook Live devotionals. I was getting about 200 views a day and they just dropped to 15 -20 views a day. But I started putting up caregiving videos of me transferring my son, him moving around, and other improvements. Those started getting 2-300 views, but devotional videos barely get any. My thought was this - I want to find a way to "marry" the two.

I'm not sure why people want to watch me work with my son. But it's impossible to separate my caregiving from my faith. They are definitely married and inseparable. 

It's only through faith that I can keep going at all. How could you take one without the other? So, I'm working on some ideas for videos that marry the two. I want others to understand that God doesn't leave when we become caregivers. Actually, He is our ultimate caregiver! 

The two are so inseparable in my mind and heart that I can't imagine trying to get up and care for my son without relying on God. Is there something, someone better than that? Stronger than Him? I think not. 

After my son's accident, I discovered a new definition and reality of faith. It's not a force that keeps bad things from happening. Instead, it's a force that keeps us close to God in the middle of the stuff. It's what carried Daniel through that long, dark night in the lion's den. It's what walked through the fire with the three Hebrew children. It's what met Moses on the back side of the wilderness where he was hiding from his past. It's what stirred up David to run to the fight with Goliath - knowing he was going to win! We have this same faith in the same God who is going to carry us through our struggles, too.

Today, I'll remind myself that God did not separate faith from my circumstances. In fact, it's faith that drags God right into the middle of the mix! But He comes willingly just to help us get through. My meditations will be on how God is not afraid of this journey. He walks the path right beside me and you. He didn't say it's too rough. Too rocky. Too hard or too soft for His taste. He just keeps holding us up and walking with us - right there for when we realize we still need Him. I know He will walk beside me today and carry me as needed. I think I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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