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 Caregiving is a wild ride, no matter how you slice it. We could probably make a Top 10 list of all the "things" that wear on us, and each of our lists would be different. Our personal lists would probably change from day to day. Or hour to hour. Lol. 

What's on your top 10? I think number 1 for me would be the emotional part, the living grief. And maybe number 2 would be the financial struggles - which are complicated by number 1. But ask later, and I may have a totally different jumping-off spot. This fictional list is created by the day-to-days of caregiving. The items change with the ebb and flow of caregiving and they are based on our emotional state, our mental state, and tons of other things that may be happening at the time. It's not just one thing, or even two or three things about caregiving that wear on our souls, it's just everything. 

Here's the good thing, God doesn't have a limit on the number of things we bring to Him. Nothing is off limits to His grace. Philippians 4:6 reminds us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving to bring our requests to God. 1 Peter 5:7 weighs in with an "all" too. Peter tells us to cast all your care on Him. All and everything - are equal. We can bring it all to Him and hand Him everything in our hearts. God won't be overwhelmed. He'll simply provide the grace to make it through the day.

What makes us hold back when it comes to bringing everything to God? Do we think God will reject us because we're a mess? Lol. He already knows that! In Psalm 139, David lays out all the ways God knows us. He sees us. He watches us. He thinks about us. That's a wow in itself. But in verse 23, David invites God to know his heart and his anxieties. That's just a different way of "giving everything" to Him, isn't it? Inviting God to walk deep into your heart and see what all is really there - it's the ultimate trust level. And God is willing. He won't cast us aside, throw us away, laugh, or cry. He'll just provide peace and grace to make it one more day.

Today, I'll remind myself that it's okay to invite God into my everything. He won't get lost or overwhelmed while He's walking around in this crazy brain and broken heart. He'll just leave traces of Himself like fingerprints on the soul - everywhere we allow Him to go. Peace will be there too, true soul peace even in the middle of the storm. I will invite Him on a walk-through today as I trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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