Those Fickle Emotions!

Kyrie and Chris

 It's no secret that I love David and I love the Psalms. One of the "best" things I learned from the Psalms was that it's okay to tell God anything, everything! David didn't hold back. He talked about being angry with God, upset with his circumstances, and many other heart-wrenching emotions. Whatever David was working through at the time was what reached God's ears. 

God never told David, "You shouldn't say things like that." He did reprimand David for being honest about his feelings and emotions. 

This morning, I found an instance in 1 Chronicles 13 and 14 that describes one of these instances. In chapter 13, David is doing what he thought was an honorable thing and bringing the Ark of God back to where it belonged. What David failed to do was make sure that the Ark was transported according to how God had told them to do it long ago. It was NEVER supposed to be pulled by oxen - only carried by Levites. 

The oxen stumbled and Uzzah reached out to stead the Ark so it wouldn't fall. That was another "honorable" thing. But it cost Uzzah his life and that made David angry. They basically set the Ark down and walked away. 

But then in chapter 14, the Philistines are attacking and David goes right back to prayer. He asks God if he should go fight or not. God answered and told David to go - he was being given the victory. Two things stood out to me in this story. First, David was quick to run right back to God, even though he had just been mad at Him. Second, God didn't say anything snarky. He didn't say, "Oh, now you wanna talk to me?" Lol. God just answered.

As caregivers, our emotions can be all over the place. We can be working through living grief and loss one second and rejoicing in the smallest victory the next. Our emotions are certainly fickle! But God gets that. He won't prevent us from coming to prayer to Him this morning just because of what we said last night. Whew! That's a good thing because I can get a little cray-cray sometimes!! I love that God gets us and still keeps the door to His heart wide open for us to enter any time.

Today, I'll remind myself of some of those times I was angry with God - or my circumstances. I'll also remind myself how God has never left me standing outside alone. He always welcomes, nourishes, and cares for my soul - even when I've acted a mess. I'll be thankful that He chooses to walk with me on this journey even when I get upset and act up. He never abandons. He's not afraid of my emotions. He just welcomes me every time I decide to come to Him. He continues to carry this messy soul of mine - so I think I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


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