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Chris with his tired, brain injury look after a workout

 Do you ever wonder why some stories are in the Bible? There are stories about those who won great battles and lost the little ones. People who killed giants walked through the fire or slept in a lion's den. Then there's Gideon (Judges 6) who led the Children of Israel into battles and won. He beat an "innumerable" army with just 300 men. It's an amazing story, but if you read his whole story you'll see that in the end, Gideon led the people right back into idolatry. Smh. How could Gideon follow God so closely, win the battle, and then fall from grace? I don't know - but it kinda sounds like a typical caregiving day to me.

One minute I'm declaring the Word of God and the next I'm crumpled in the floor trying to catch my breath. And the cause of the sudden "down" like this might just be an old picture or a post on Facebook. 

Maybe that's why we have stories of failures like Gideon. Right there with his victory was a failure. I'm so glad God included stories of real humans in the Bible. We can see that He didn't discard anyone, even if they failed. Even if they gave up. Even if they got lost in life's shuffle.

These were some of the things on my mind this morning as I was reading in John 14. Jesus was telling the disciples that He was going away and then coming back to get them - and He said, you know where I'm going. (v4) That's when Thomas spoke up and said in verse 5 No, we don't know, Lord. I laughed out loud first. Then I thought how amazing that Thomas was allowed to say just what he was thinking and He didn't fear Jesus would yell at Him, reject Him, or throw him away. Thomas said what he was feeling - I don't have a clue what you are talking about! 

This was important for me this morning because I've been asking God a lot of questions. Lol. I am the question queen, after all.

I have the freedom to express all my frustrations, failures, and fears to God - He knows anyway. The stories shared throughout the Bible of all our heroes let us know we can be open and honest with God about our questions, our doubts, our circumstances, and so much more; and He will meet us right where we are - no matter where we are!

Today, I will make it a point to tell God exactly how I feel and I'll reassure myself that His shoulders and heart are big enough and strong enough to carry it. I won't fear retribution for "not believing" because I believe in Him enough to share my deepest thoughts and most honest feelings with Him. Today, I will give myself a break and remind myself that God is carrying this heavy heart. He will not toss me away and He will not walk away. He remains. That's the thought I'll carry throughout the day as I trust Him for one more day - will you join me?


31 Days in Psalm 31

cover of 31 Days in Psalm 31

David was open and honest about his feelings and he tended to give everything to God, even when he was hiding in the back of a cave. What's it like to spend time in the back of a cave with God? David gives us a glimpse in Psalm 31 and that's where this devotional is taken from. Grab a paper copy or a Kindle copy from Amazon!

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