Emotionally Stranded


I was up late last night - and it wasn't to study my Bible. Lol. I was watching a dumb show. But each episode ended with things up in the air concerning the main character. I couldn't just go to sleep wondering how his situation was going to work out. I kept thinking, just turn this off and find out tomorrow. But I discovered something about myself. I just simply couldn't walk away leaving the character (yes, I know he's fictional) emotionally stranded. There had to be a "happy ending," some sort of resolution or I wasn't going to sleep well.

It took me some time this morning to come to that conclusion - that I don't like leaving people emotionally stranded. In fact, it led me down a road of self-reflection and I realized I've landed myself in some sticky relationships and situations because I didn't want to emotionally strand others. The irony is that these types of relationships have left me emotionally stranded. Caregiving also leaves us emotionally stranded sometimes.

We can deal with social isolation. Abandonment. Loneliness. And we can take any number of other emotional journeys that can leave us stranded and devastated. 

I was reading Hebrews 13 this morning and in verse 5 it reminds us that God won't leave us. It also says He won't forsake us. God cannot leave us - because He is everywhere - He's literally got nowhere to go that He is not already there. But forsake is different.

Have you ever had someone with you and you knew that they weren't with you - they were just present? Being present is only half of the equation - the other half is being emotionally invested. God is not just with us - I'm thankful He never leaves! But He's emotionally invested in us and our caregiving journey. He's watching over our souls (mind, will, emotions) and keeping our souls wrapped in His peace. 

Think about how Jesus walked out to His disciples in the middle of the storm. He could have waited for the storm to stop. He could have waited for them on the other side - but He walked out to them just to calm the storm for them. He was in the same storm. He felt the same winds as He walked across the water. He experienced the same rain. He was with them and invested in them.

I'm so glad God is more than with us. 

Today, I'll remind myself that God is not just standing off watching from a distance. My thoughts will be on how He is purposefully walking on the troubled waters of my life - just to get to me. He's bringing His peace with Him. I'll think about how He is not afraid of my storm(s) - even the ones I cause myself! He comes to me with peace. He is my soul-provider and He will not leave me emotionally stranded. I can trust Him for one more day. Will you join me?


31 Days in Psalm 31

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