The Source

 As I was preparing for my Facebook live devotions this morning, I started meditating on the main scripture. It is out of Isaiah 43, and God is reminding Israel that He is the One God.  He is our source of peace, gives us wisdom, loves us unconditionally, and hears our prayers, even the goofy ones!

I thought about how back in their day, they took a piece of wood or stone and crafted a god. Then, they bowed down to it like it was going to do something - anything for them. I never got that. Can something I make with my own hands be "greater" than me? I don't see how. It definitely couldn't hear them or respond to their pleas for help. It has no love, no wisdom to share.

While we may not ever find ourselves physically bowing before a big rock, we, as humans, can tend to run to what is familiar and tangible. That's why so many turn to drugs and alcohol. They provide a "feeling" or at least a change in the way they feel. It seems measurable, but it leads down a long, dark road. It is often easier to turn to something we can feel. I've just learned a lot about emotional eating lately. It's not really any different than turning to illicit substances, it's just more socially acceptable. The emotional baggage is the same. 

Yet, here stands God. The one and only God. He's full of compassion, gives us His peace, loves us unconditionally, provides wisdom when we ask.. and so much more! And He waits....for us. Sometimes, it's for a very long time. He patiently waits until we remember we need Him. Then, when we turn to Him, He says He will be found by us. He doesn't play hide and seek! (Jeremiah 29:13-14) There's no condemnation - no browbeating - no you should have come sooner. He just patiently waits until we realize our own deep need for Him. He waits for us to realize He is the one source of peace. The one source of hope and grace. The One who truly loves us and is willing to carry us through our struggles. He's amazing, isn't He?

Today, I will remind myself to quit trying so hard to be all that. I'll admit my intense, deep need for Him and I'll run to Him for strength, hope, peace, love, joy, and wisdom. I'll accept the peace that comes from knowing He will not withhold anything from me, but He will instead lavish His love and provision on me. I'll meditate on how He calms my emotions and settles my fears as I rely solely on Him. He's a great God, isn't He? Will you agree with me?


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