This morning for my live Facebook devotions, I shared out of 2 Timothy 2. (See video below!) I talked some about all the crazy stuff going on in the world today. Who knew gas would be nearly $5 a gallon, and more in some regions!?! I'm pretty sure we didn't anticipate baby formula shortages. These and other things going on around the world are enough to shake us all. While I do have a lot of compassion - I'm also a little bit like welcome to our world.

For caregivers, our world is rocky all the time. For me, supplies may come regularly for a while, and then just disappear with me scrambling to fill the gap out of my own pocket. Don't even get me talking about the irregularity of aids who may or may not show up and who may or may not work even if they do! Am I right? lol

Our lives are often topsy-turvey, and we never know what a day is going to bring. The only "constant" in our lives is change. Yet, we adjust. And one reason we can just adjust and keep moving is because no matter what changes occur on the surface of our lives, we are standing on a foundation that is solid and secure.

2 Timothy 2:19 in the NKJV says Nevertheless (which basically means no matter what else is going on - in the world, in our lives, or what is on our plate for the day), the solid foundation of God stands having this seal - He knows those who are His! Man, what a promise to help me get through this bound-to-be-hectic day! Every step I take, no matter what direction, no matter what arena (caregiving, finances, family) will be taken on a foundation that does not and cannot shake or move. I love that.

Today, I'm steppin'! And with every step, I will rejoice that He is holding me up. As I take my walk this morning, and as I go about this getting busier by the minute day, I'll trust His foundation remains under me, continues to hold me up, and will not move. I'll thank Him for knowing that I am His - and for calling me by His name. That makes me smile. I'll wear this smile all day knowing I am His and He's undergirding my steps. Will you join me?


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