No Shortages

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Have you noticed all the shortages lately? There have been short supplies on some of the most interesting items, I think. I understand our supply chain has been disrupted, but when has there been a run on low-sodium potato chips? Lol. It's just been some of the oddest things.

I keep a club membership at Sam's for mostly one reason. They carry a decent brand of adult wipes for a decent price. My son's dad keeps us supplied with wipes, and that's a true blessing! This week, I opened one of the new boxes he brought last weekend. There was a note card inside on top. It said there was a noticeable difference in the way the packs would open. They no longer pop open. The note said that it was due to the shortage of some little parts, and instead of not producing the wipes, they wanted us to have the product. However, the note stated that we'd notice a difference in the way the tops open to access the wipes. Sure enough - there's no pop-top. I thought, what an odd shortage, right?

This morning, that scene replayed in my mind. Then, I thought - I'm so thankful there's no shortages with God. Seriously! We'll never find an addendum in the Bible that peace ran out! Nowhere will we find that His grace has run out. We looked at His mercies (plural) a couple of devotions back as we discovered they are new for us every morning. And they don't lapse at night! That's a good thing for caregivers because we often have some very long nights.

We won't get a notice that part(s) of His Kingdom are deactivated because a part is missing. There's no delay in His broadcast because a fuse is blown or any other crazy reason we hear about today. His account is not hacked! He is always online. And He cannot get booted off "faith-book"! lol. He owns it. 

I'm just so thankful that He has whatever I need for today. Nothing in His kingdom ever runs out, runs short, or stops working as He designed it. Just like our hearts - they are designed to seek Him!

Today, I will meditate on all the things in the Kingdom that there's never a shortage of - like faith, mercy, grace, patience, peace, and love. I'll turn my thoughts to the way He carries me on days I run short of things like patience, peace, and self-control. I will remind myself that He's got me covered - still today - all day. My heart will rest in His today, knowing that I can face today with His ample supply. Will you join me?


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