Hectic Mornings


Chris buckled in the van

First thing this morning, I dropped and broke my favorite coffee mug. Not a good start. Lol. I got it cleaned up, started the rug in the washer and grabbed a second favorite cup for my first cup of coffee. I sat and contemplated crying, but it wouldn't put my beloved cup back together. Wouldn't it be great if tears fixed things? I'll run that idea past God to see what He thinks. I have great ideas from time to time and I don't know why He doesn't jump on them! (Wink, wink!)

I had already slept in a little, which was welcome since I don't seem to get good sleep much anymore. But it set my morning routine into chaos, and I'm still running behind. I need to get up earlier, but I've been working later at night to try and make the proverbial ends meet. I'm pretty sure I'd love a day to just sit in the recliner and sip tea and try to see air move. Or maybe a day out in the woods would do me good. Then, I think of this familiar verse.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths. (NLT)

You know what stood out to me today? The very last word. "Paths." It's plural. I've never noticed that before even though I've probably read and quoted this verse hundreds of times. Paths - not path. As caregivers, we can be on many paths. We are mothers or fathers, sisters or brothers, a sibling, an aunt or uncle. We wear many hats and not just our mornings are hectic, our whole lives can be hectic. But He directs each path we are on. 

He doesn't skip over our caregiving status and only care for the parent or child part of us. God knows we are human and there are many areas we deal with daily. He doesn't isolate one area to care for and leave the rest of them to us. Also, He doesn't watch over all the areas of our lives, except one that He won't touch. He'll direct every path we are on in our lives. We just have to listen and lean in to Him for that direction.

Today, I'll remind myself that He is on every single path with me. I'm not alone. You're not alone. We may share the caregiving path with each other, but God shares every path with you and every path with me. He's got us covered no matter how hectic, chaotic, or otherwise stressful it seems. I will trust His leadership in my life today and as I recognize a path in my life (finances, relationships, work), I'll wait for His direction before I step. Why? He's smarter than me. So, I know I can trust Him for one more day - will you join me?


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