Small Miracles


Chris in the standing frame

I think we all hope for miracles. The caregiver may do this more than anyone. We read about some wonderful miracles Jesus did in the gospels. We even see miracles scattered throughout the Old Testament. Well, it all began with a BIG miracle, didn't it? I pray for a miracle touch for Chris every single day. And while he is consistently, continuously improving, I'm not seeing the "rise up and walk" miracle I've dreamed about.

This morning, during my prayer time, I was praying for my son, for people who have been on my heart, and even for you, my fellow caregivers. As I prayed, I wondered why we don't see the miracles we know God can do. Early on in my caregiving journey, that was a great source of frustration: knowing that He can, but hasn't. 

Then, my mind shifted to the fact that I was still praying. I had this thought: it's a miracle that I am still praying - that I still have faith even in great adversity. Even though life has had its unexpected turns, it's thrown us a few curve balls, and maybe we've even struck out a few times when it comes to what we thought was "faith," here we are, still hanging on to a thread of faith. That's no small miracle, y'all!!

Of course, it'd be great if God swooped through on His white horse and rescued us. But, in one way, he has done that. He has swooped in, so to speak, and carried us away, healed our emotions, and continues to provide His mercy and grace to help in our time(s) of need. Maybe the small miracle is that He keeps carrying us. He keeps sustaining us. He keeps keeping our souls and gives us His peace in the midst of life's turmoil.

Today, I will remind myself of how He continues to care for me. I'll meditate on His constant presence, which I love. My thoughts will run through His love for me as well as His power to sustain. That's no small miracle in my opinion. I'll just rest in Him and trust Him to carry me one more day. Will you join me?


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